What Our Clients Are Saying

"I was introduced to Portia a little over a year ago by a trusted friend. In the short time that I have known her, she has already assisted me with some fairly complex tax issues. Her responses are always detailed and extremely thorough. She has handled my family's tax return meticulously and expeditiously. Portia is an experienced professional, and I would absolutely recommend her for any personal accounting services."

 James Posner, New York, NY

"A neighbor recommended Portia several years ago, and we’ve been impressed with her ever since. Portia is thorough, knows tax regulations in and out, and her e-filing makes the entire process easy. We’re both self-employed and our returns are a bit complex – made even more so last year by our purchase of a house and move from New York to New Jersey. Portia came through with accurate and complete federal, NY/NYC and NJ State, and NYC business returns without a hitch. She’s responsive, her rates are reasonable, and we are fully confident that our returns are done right. All that – AND she’s a pleasure to work with! We feel lucky to have found her."

Alan and Billie Culler, Montclair, NJ


“Last year, when I thought the sky was falling down, a friend told me about Portia, and she saved my life! I had been getting terrifying letters from the IRS about back taxes I had no idea I owed, threatening huge penalties and interest payments. Portia was careful, always ready to answer my questions, and equally ready to go the extra mile for me. Like a magician, she straightened everything out, and she not only saved me money, but convinced the IRS to waive the penalties. Portia is someone I trust absolutely; she knows what she is doing and she does it right.”

Nancy Wallace, Upper West Side, NYC

"I've been happy to have Portia in my corner for 8 years now and she's been great every year. There's always a new wrinkle or two that I throw at each year and she quickly solves the issues and helps me how to understand and minimize my taxes. She's really smart and has a great grasp of the tax laws and communicates them well. I've recommended Portia to a number of my friends and they've told me what a great choice she was.

Tom Robbins-Milne

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