Tax Season Is Gearing Up

Tax Season is gearing up a little bit later each year and this year is no exception. Now that the corporate tax deadline is over (and the 1042 filing deadline has passed) we are settling into the 1040 tax filing season crunch– April 15th is just around the corner! I booked my vacation this year for April 16th for the first time in forever it seems. (I promised myself I was going to treat myself to a little bit of Rest and Relaxation this year- something to look forward to!)


Keep thinking pleasant thoughts about your tax preparer as we work hard to prepare your return as soon as possible. It wouldn't hurt to offer a bottle or wine or better yet a box of Chocolates to help with those late night munchies. Even better would be to bring a fruit basket with you as you quickly drop off your tax documents mindful not to linger too long as you cram a year's worth of information into a 3 sentence round up. Joey got into College this year, Suzy started her own business, Mickey got braces, and on and on – remember to keep it short and limited to tax deductible information. You can call after the vacation to fill me in on all the other interesting things in your life.

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